Welcome to Healthwise Homemaker!

For more than thirty years, I have had the challenge of being homemaker to five children and a husband with an over-developed sweet tooth. I have studied and experimented continually with recipes and techniques to entice them to like, yes really like, real, healthy food. The best of my education and experience are here on these pages. My prayer is that you will not have to learn everything like I did – the hard way!

Early up, my husband challenged me that he would eat whatever I served … as long as it tasted good! I started by serving bananas rather than banana bread, and crisp vegetables rather than overcooked mush – and so we were on our way. We have worked through low fat, low carb, vegan, gluten free, dairy free – you name it!

There is so much contradictory advice that it is really confusing to figure out the right way to eat. After years of research, I finally ran across the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Royal Lee, and some of the other early 20th century researchers on nutrition. Their findings make so much sense. Just eat real food the way it comes out of the ground, prepared and served traditionally. Wow! What a concept!

The trouble is, it is much harder to do that now, given that most of the food we eat has been grown on depleted soil, full of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Processing, packaging, and shipping have reduced the food value still further. Today’s research confirms that the warnings given by these early investigators are valid. Furthermore, any astute observer can see that this is true. The load of refined sugar, white flour, bad fats and chemical processing in our diets, has made our children’s brains function poorly and our bodies old before their time. Cardiac disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are rampant. ADD, ADHD, autism, and other learning and social disabilities plague our children.

As I have counseled and taught other women about lifestyle and food, the need for menus that are workable and budget-friendly has become apparent. We shouldn’t have to spend vast amounts of time and money to be healthy. These pages share ways that I have found to be helpful in attaining my “healthwise” objectives, while managing my family’s resources.

If you are convinced, as I am, that we can do much to improve the health and well being of our loved ones, then I believe that these pages will help you in your journey.

My purpose is to give you some information and the resources to do your own research. I also have some tips and menu planning ideas that you are welcome to use and adapt as you choose. If you want help with planning I can provide you with a menu tailored to your and your family’s needs.

Have fun on your journey!
Kathy kathy@healthwisehomemaker.com