Perhaps for the first time in history, we have an abundance of food and a choice of a tremendous variety from all over the world. Improvements in transportation and storage, processing and manufacturing, and an increasingly global economy have given us a bewildering array of options. How do we make the best choices to sustain optimal health both of our bodies and of the world we live in? Are these choices compatible with living on a budget? Will our choices make a difference in how we can serve God and others? In this section, I will explore these questions and give some answers from my own perspective to the admittedly complex issues of food and diet.

I will explore some foods to include, some foods to avoid, raw foods versus cooked foods, how to prepare grains and seeds, and some fermenting processes. I will emphasize using local sources of food, whenever possible. For many people, in this economy, affording fresh, healthy food is increasingly difficult, and so I have included a section designed to help you with some workable options.