Perspectives of Economy

 Buzz words of healthy living include “local”, “organic”, “grass fed”, “free range”, “sustainable”. For some people with allergies, “gluten-free”, “dairy-free” and so on, are included. Do these foods cost more? Yes, often, in terms of money and the effort to find healthy food. In terms of health and overall productivity, they will pay back dividends, many times over. 

Nutritionally depleted and junk foods also cost, in terms of poor health, lost work time, and higher medical costs. Obesity and diabetes are epidemic in the wealthiest western nations; we are seeing more of these conditions even in children. Rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer are climbing; ADD, ADHD, and other autism spectrum disorders are escalating in our children. Chronic disorders, both physical and mental, are becoming common in younger and younger people. Nutritional deficits and excesses (sugar, trans fats, chemicals!), have been linked to all of these conditions. If our bodies are properly nourished, they are better able to resist infection, detoxify the pollutants in our environment, and withstand the stresses of modern life. 

A revamped government health care system is not the answer. Our own choices, about what we eat, how we use the resources that are given to us, and how we think about ourselves, others, and God are ultimately the best solutions to the health challenges that are currently facing us personally and as a nation.  

Some suggestions to contain costs          

  • Eat more meals at home. 
  • Learn to cook. 
  • Eat more raw food. 
  • Purchase and consume your food as close to the way God made it as possible. 
  • Buy in bulk, whenever possible. 
  • Find local coops and farmer’s markets. 
  • Learn to garden (it’s also free exercise!) 
  • Sprout some seeds. 
  • Make your own fermented foods.  
  • Learn to preserve some of your own foods. 
  • Plan your meals and purchases. 
  • Simplify your life in other areas.
  • Trade skills and food with other people.
  • Do whatever you can and don’t stress about what you cannot do.