Allergy Free Menu

  IntroductionThis menu is gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free. It is also egg free except for some of the breakfast items. I have also given you some suggestions for snacks, lunches and breakfasts that are eggs, gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free.Allergy Free Snack Suggestions

Hummus with veggies

¼ of avocado and ¼ apple

Leftover meat and veggie sticks

Corn tortillas (or other crackers of chips that you can tolerate) with refried bean dip

Fruit with coconut milk

Lunch Suggestions

Any of the above

Lettuce leaf wrapped around

            Sliced meat of any kind (not deli meat)

            Tuna salad (make sure the tuna is in a gluten-free packing liquid)

            Egg salad (make sure mayo or salad dressing is gluten-free)

            Hummus, sprouts, or thin sliced veggies

Any of the above with any tolerated whole grain bread or pita

Raw veggies and Hummus

Salad with leftover meat


Breakfast Suggestions

Porridge of any grain that you can tolerate with allowed milk

Sausage and rice

Avocado and apple

Rice and salsa with avocado

Breakfast Shake made with coconut milk and rice milk

Any leftovers





Sausage PattiesSautéed Zucchini and Mushrooms with ButterStrawberries with Coconut Milk Beef Stew with VegetablesAsian Cole Slaw Ultimate Veggie Burgersmade with GF FlourFresh Sliced Tomatoes and Cucumbers




Vegetable OmeletFresh Fruit in Season Leftovers from Yesterday Polynesian PorkGarlic Green BeansAsian Cole Slaw



Breakfast Shake Leftovers Lamb CurryBroccoli Crunch Salad


Scrambled EggsCoconut MuffinsFresh Fruit in Season Vegetable Soup made from Lamb Bone YesterdayVegetables Sticks with Hummus Broiled or Grilled SteakBaked or Grilled VeggiesGreen Salad



Breakfast PorridgeCoconut Milk Sirloin SaladAllowed Bread Orange Chicken Stir-FryGarlic BroccoliCarrot Salad


Breakfast Shake Stir-Fry ChickenGreen Salad Spaghetti with Meat SauceBrown Rice  Noodles orSpaghetti Squash

Green Salad



Coconut Flour PancakesFruit Topping Leftovers Sausage and Bean SoupVegetable sticks with Hummus

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