Winter Menu

This menu has been put together to give you some ideas of what to eat and how to put together and manage a healthy diet. Although the recipes are not formulated for any specific food allergies, most are either gluten-dairy free or are easily adaptable. Most of the recipes are made for an average American family of 4-6 people. Obviously, you will have to adjust amounts for different size families and for bigger or smaller appetites. If you have leftovers, serve them for lunch or snacks, or you could reserve one meal a week to eat a la carte from your leftovers.This menu has suggestions for vegetables and salads. There are an endless variety of fresh vegetables and ways of preparing and serving them. Please feel free to substitute with what you have and whatever you like. (Keep in mind that corn and potatoes are starchy and in the context of a healthy diet are not considered vegetables. If you use them at all, do it in moderation and include green vegetables in the same meal.) Suggestions for breakfast, snacks, and lunches are included along with some healthy recipes that you might find helpful. The winter menu has been put together keeping in mind the produce that is most available in the fall and winter months.Look for ways to combine preparation. For example, the menu for Week One has a Chuck Roast and Veggies for Sunday Dinner and a Shepherd’s Pie on Monday. Cook enough roast and vegetables for leftovers and use in the Shepherd’s Pie on Monday night. Look for ways to combine preparation. For example, there are 3 meals in the 3 week menu that use ground meat. Cooking the meat for all of the meals at once saves time and energy. Freeze the cooked meat in portions sized for each meal and thaw it whenever you want to use it. You can freeze in quart sized plastic bags as long as you cool the food first so the chemicals from the plastic don’t leach into your food.

Rice or other grains can also be prepared ahead of time and frozen in portion sizes. You will use rice for the Polynesian Beef, Thai Chicken Skillet, Greek Rice, Chicken Stir-Fry, Pork Stir Fry, Jiffy Jambalaya, and Lamb curry. If you wish, you can substitute quinoa, millet or spaghetti squash for any of the rice used. For some these dishes you could also use whole-grain pasta. Many of these main dishes can be prepared ahead and reheated, especially any of the soups or casseroles.

   Week One  Week Two  Week Three


Chuck Roast and VeggiesHomemade Sauerkraut Meatloaf Quick Sweet Potato SlicesGreen beans

Homemade Sauerkraut

Pork Stir FryBrown RiceGreen salad


Shepherd’s PieGreen Salad Baked Potatoes toppedwith ChiliVeggies


Bean BurritosSour creamLettuce, tomatoes, etc





Ultimate Veggie BurgersSteamed BroccoliCreamy Coleslaw Leanne Eli’s ChickenSquashBroccoli

Green salad

Chicken AdoboBeetsBrown Rice

Green Salad



ChiliVeggie sticks with HummusCornbread* Spicy Chickpea and Butternut Squash SoupGreen salad Potato Leek SoupSaladBread with nut butter and honey



Greek Spinach RiceFeta cheeseVeggie sticks with Hummus Leanne Eli’s Chicken 2nd DayTortilla ChipsShredded Cheese


Polynesian BeefGarlic CarrotsGreen Salad


Chicken Stir FryBrown RiceSalad Jiffy JambalayaGreen beansGreen Salad Lamb CurryCarrot Salad


Spinach Lentil SoupVeggies sticks with dipWhole grain crackers or bread Chicken SoupVeggie sticks with HummusWhole grain crackers or


Lentil SoupCornbreadVeggie sticks

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