Individualized Menu – $100.00

This menu includes either a 2 week full menu (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or a 3 week dinner menu with recipes and instructions. Suggestions for snacks, tips to handle food sensitivities, and resources for further information are given. This price also includes any correspondence and questions regarding the menu and instructions and any recipe conversions.

Pantry Help – $30.00 an hour

I will come to your home to help you to sort thru your kitchen. You will be given information concerning generally good nutrition and information pertinent to your particular dietary issues. I can advise you which items are good to use and which items are not healthy or wise for your particular needs. Lists of resources and informational books and websites will also be provided. If needed, I can give you some basic instructions on reading labels and provide forms for making menus. This service is only available within a 30 mile radius of my home.

Recipe Conversions – $5.00 per recipe

If you have favorite recipes that could be healthier or you need to convert for special diets, I can help.

Ongoing telephone or email support – $20.00 an hour

Free 30 minute telephone consultation for first time callers (440) 324-9955

Available for local presentations on:

  • Traditional Foods
  • Good Fats/Bad Fats
  • Healthy Treats
  • Preparing Foods for Folks with Allergies

Diet Planning Questionnaire

Three-Day Food Diary